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Fesco MIS – Online Management information system

Are you disturbed with your additional electricity bill, load shedding without schedule, complaints, bill payment or any other problem. Want a simple solution for your problems but you’re facing difficulty in finding the solution, so don’t worry because I’m here to help you. 

Fesco has launched a system called Fesco MIS (Management information system). In this article we will explore the Fesco Management information system and know how this will be helpful in solving your problems. 

What is FESCO MIS?

FESCO management information system is an online portal specially designed to improve the customer service in the sector of electricity distribution. Fesco Management information system also helps the organization in analyzing data of customers. This allows customers to access their electricity accounts anytime on their device. 

Benefits of Management information system

The benefits of Fesco management information system for customer and company are as follow:

For Customer

  • You can get faster service without visiting fesco offices from this system.
  • You will get a faster response for your complaint.
  • The system will give you a reminder of your bill for the payment of your electricity bill, this will help you in paying your bill instantly.

For Company

  • Company Gets better data analysis of the customer by this system.
  • This company has increased the satisfaction of customers by launching this system.  

Features of Management information system

Some features of Fesco management information system are given below:

Efficient Revenue Collection

Online payment systems have made it easy to collect the revenue for the fesco which has improved the financial health of the company.

Increased Customer Experience

The Fesco Management information system has made it easy for the customer to pay their electricity bill without visiting any offices. They can pay their electricity bill easily without any hassle. 

Online Services

Fesco provides many online services including bill checking, payment, complaint registration. This saves the time of fesco customers and they do not need to go to any offices for the bill payment or complaint.

Data Accuracy

One of the core benefit of Fesco Management information system is data accuracy and their are little chances of error in their information

You can contact fesco by dialing this number in your mobile dialer +92 (41) 9220184-9220229.

The email for the wapda head office is [email protected]. You can complain to the Wapda head office by this email.

You can get a fesco bill duplicate copy by visiting fscobill.pk and follow the instructions on the page.

In this article we have discussed all about fesco management information system (MIS). Now this will solve all your problems but still, if you have any query feel free to comment below in the comment section.

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