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How FESCO Billing System works?

Do you want to know how the FESCO Billing System works, including its components, data entry, management, bill generation and distribution? If yes! then you’re at the right article.

Fesco is a leading electricity distribution company in Pakistan and supplies electricity to 8 districts, including Faisalabad (Manchester of Pakistan). Efficient Billing Systems are Important for electricity distribution companies for effective revenue management.

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Components of the Billing System

The components of the Billing System are as follows;

Meter Reading

FESCO collects meter readings through both manual and modern methods.

Manual Method

Fesco employees physically reach the customer’s property monthly to record the electricity consumption displayed on the meter.

Automated Meter Reading

FESCO has been implementing Automated Meter Reading (ARM) in its service areas for frequent meter readings and providing real-time data for billing and monitoring purposes.

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Data Entry and Management

Further processing starts with the collected meter reading data by the Automated meter reading (ARM) or FESCO employee.

Bill Generation and Distribution

After the bill is calculated, including taxes, tariff rates, and other applicable charges, it is transferred to the FESCO customer via post office or electronically. You can check your FESCO Bill Online here. Additionally, You can apply for a new connection (meter) on this article.

Yes! Fesco is an ex-Wapda Distribution company.

FESCO is an electricity distribution company of Pakistan that supplies electricity to 8 districts including Faisalabad.

In this article we’ve discussed how the billing system of FESCO works. If you’ve any question feel free to comment below in the comment section.

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