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Fesco bill issues and solutions

Are you facing difficulty in addressing your fesco electricity bill problems including, Billing Issues, Meter problem, load shedding, checking bill online, paying bill or may be some other. So don’t worry because I am here to help you.  

Well, after researching I came up with a solution to your problems. To address all problems related to your fesco bill you have to read this article in full. The solution of problems including billing issues, meter problem, load shedding and others are as follows. 

Fesco bill issues and solutions

There are some fesco bill issues and solutions to address fesco customer problems

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1. Billing issues

Billing issues like incorrect meter reading and late delivery of bills are given below with their solutions.

Incorrect Meter Reading

Sometimes many customers receive their bill based on incorrect meter reading which leads to high electricity bills. This may be due to meter problems.

Solution: You should regularly monitor your fesco meter. If you notice any problem in your bill or any fault in your meter you should immediately contact fesco customer support. You can apply for a new meter if your meter is damaged or showing any fault.

Late Delivery of Bills

Sometimes customers do not receive their fesco bill due to which they are unable to pay their bill on time which may lead to meter disconnection.

Solution: You can solve this problem easily by visiting the fesco bill not received article, checking your fesco bill online or apply for fesco bill sms service.

2. Meter problems

Meter problems like meter compatibility, faulty meters are given below with their solutions.

Meter compatibility 

If your meter is Incompatible with your electrical system it will lead to inaccuracies in measurement.

Solution: During installation of your fesco meter you should take care that the meter you’re installing is compatible with your electrical system or not. 

Faulty meters 

You should continuously take care of your electricity meter that your meter is working well or showing any fault. If a meter is damaged or it is faulty it may lead to overbills. 

Solution: You can solve this problem by replacing your electricity meter or contact fesco for your meter problems. 

3. Load shedding

Some problems faced by fesco customers due to load shedding are given below.

Impact on Daily Life

Load shedding disturbs normal functioning of our life including work, schools, offices, hospitals etc.

Solution: You can use Power Saving Appliances or solar panels when there is load shedding in your area to address load shedding problems.

You can check out load shedding schedules for 20-03-2024 by reaching this page

4. Checking bill online

You can easily check your fesco bill online by following simple steps given below:

  • The 1st step is to visit fscobill.pk website.
  • After this, check for the reference number input field to enter your reference number. You can easily find your 14-digit reference number from your old electricity bill.
  • After entering your reference number press the check bill button.
  • After pressing the check bill button you will be redirected to your fesco bill.

5. Paying bill

There are many methods that you can use to pay your fesco bill online or offline. You can reach fesco bill payment method.

Visit fscobill.pk website. Enter your 14-digit reference number in the input field and press the check bill button. After this you will get your lastest fesco bill.

Fesco reference number are 14-digits through which you can check your fesco bill online. You can easily get your 14-digit reference number from your old fesco bill duplicate copy.

In this article we have discussed Fesco bill issues and solutions. Still, if you’re facing any problem or have a query feel free to comment in the comment section below.

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