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Fesco bill correction – Step by Step guide

Have you received your fesco electricity bill with incorrect meter reading or wrong customer name? Want to make your fesco bill correction but facing difficulty in the correction of your bill so don’t worry because i’m here to help you.

Well, after researching I came up with some steps that may help you in solving your fesco bill problem. There are two methods for the correction of your bill: fesco official website and fesco customer service centers. Simply follow the steps given below.

Fesco Bill Correction Process

Process for the correction of your fesco bill is very simple. Check out the method as follows.

Review Your Bill:

First of all you should know where the error is in your electricity bill so start identifying your bill for the error.

Verify Meter Reading:

You can compare your bill amount with your own record that you have estimated. you can estimate your bill with your last month consumed units by reaching fesco bill calculator article.

Contact Fesco Customer Service:

If you notice any problem in your bill you can contact fesco customer support by numbers given below.

Phone Number +92 (41) 9220184-9220229.
Fax Number+92 (41) 9220233
UAN Number080066554

Submit a Complaint:

Before submitting complaint you should collect necessary information like your customer id, meter number etc.

Customer ID: You can easily find your customer id on your fesco bill on the left side of your recent or old duplicate copy.

Meter Number: You can also find your meter number on your old or recent fesco bill copy.

Detailed Description of the Issue: Clearly explain the problem you’re facing in your fesco electricity bill. 

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Fesco Online Portal:

  • Visit fesco official website by the button given above.
  • Check for the ‘customer bill correction’ link on the fesco website. You can also check out the image above.
  • After clicking on the ‘customer bill correction’ link select fesco company.
  • Fill out the required field.

Customer Service Centers:

  • Visit fesco customer service center that is near to you.
  • Then, speak to the fesco representative to submit your complaint.
  • Make sure that you have received a complaint reference number.

You may correct your fesco bill by visiting the official fesco website and reaching the customer bill correction service or visiting fesco customer service centers.

In this article we have discussed how you will make corrections in your fesco bill. Still, if you’re facing any problem feel free to comment below inthe comment section.

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