FESCO Bill Calculator

Have you not received your Fesco duplicate copy or want to calculate your Fesco electricity bill manually with your monthly consumed units but don’t know how to calculate it and are curious to calculate your bill online? Also does not want to download any application. Then I can understand your problem. 

Don’t worry because the Fesco bill calculator or estimator tool is here. You can calculate your Fesco bill by the units consumed in 1 month. The procedure of calculating your bill is just like a piece of cake. You have to enter your consumed units in the input box of the bill calculator tool, and you will calculate your bill without installing any additional application. 

How to Use Bill Calculator 

Follow the steps given below to use the Bill Calculator Tool.

  • The first step is to enter your consumed units in the input box.
  • After entering consumed units, press the calculate button.
  • You will get your bill with taxes included in it.
  • However, due to additional taxes, the original bill may be different.
fesco bill calculator

About online bill calculator

fesco bill calculator is a tool that estimates bills according to your consumed units. The original bill may be different from its calculations due to additional taxes in the bill, but it can guess your bill amount according to your entered units.

Fesco Electricity Bill Unit Prices

Units RangePer Unit Price
Above 502.00
From 01 to 100 Units7.36
From 101 to 200 Units9.68
From 201 to 300 Units11.77
From 301 to 700 Units20.82
More than 700 units23.92

Bill Calculator is a tool that calculates your bill with the help of your consumed 1-month units. When you enter your units in the input box and press the ‘calculate button’. The tool will calculate your bill with the unit price and taxes.

You can access Bill Calculator by Visiting fscobill.pk and searching for the Bill Calculator on the Top Menu. Then, enter your monthly consumed units in the tool.

Fesco bill estimator allow you to guess your upcoming electricity bill by entering your monthly consumed units.

In this article, we have discussed the details of the Bill Calculator, and also how you can use the Bill Calculator tool. Still, If you’re facing any difficulty using the Bill Calculator tool, feel free to comment below in the comment section.