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Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Meter

Are you facing challenges with your fesco electricity bill including incorrect meter reading, Unexpected high bills or may be some other problems. Want to get a solution but the problem is that you’re facing difficulty in solving them. So I can understand your problem and assist with that.

Well, don’t worry because I’m here to help you in addressing your problems related to your fesco electricity meter. In this article we are going to discuss advantages and disadvantages of smart meter. To know all about smart electricity meters you’ve to read this article in full.

Advantages of Smart Meter for electricity

Some advantages and benefits of smart meter that will help you in saving your electricity are as follow:

Real Time Monitoring

Smart meters are designed to monitor real time energy usage for its users. If you’ve installed a smart meter then you’re in benefit because you can see your real time electricity usage and optimize your electricity patterns.

Improved Accuracy

Smart meters have eliminated manual meter reading and errors in billing because they are directly connected with the electricity distribution companies. 

Automated Meter Reading

Smart meters store electricity consumption data after regular intervals of time which has proved to be very beneficial because it has eliminated the need of manual meter reading and reduced human errors in your electricity bill.

Cost Savings

Smart meters track electricity usage patterns due to which it helps you in identifying areas where the electricity is being wasted. Smart meters lead to more efficient energy management which results in saving your electricity bill costs.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

Smart meters can easily be integrated with the smart home systems which helps you in automating energy saving actions based on real time data.

Disadvantages of Smart Meter for electricity

Some main disadvantages of smart electricity meter are as follow:

Technical Challenges

During implementation of smart electricity meters may face some technical challenges including connectivity issues, data transmission failure, compatibility issues etc. You’ve to address these issues for the proper functioning of smart meters.

Compatibility Issues

Smart meters may not be compatible with the old electricity systems. Upgrading your electricity system to make it compatible with the smart electricity meter may be costly and time consuming. 

Maintenance and Battery Life

Smart electricity meters often rely on internal batteries. Maintenance of these smart meters and replacing batteries lead to more cost.

Technical Failures

Smart meters rely on complex technology that may cause failures or glitches. These failures may lead to disrupted service.

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In this article we’ve discussed advantages and disadvantages of smart meter but still, if you’ve any query related to smart meter or fesco bill feel free to comment below in the comment section.

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